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Austria Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coins

Minted at the historic Austrian Mint in Vienna, internationally famous for producing exceptional gold coins for more than 800 years, the Philharmonic is one of the most gorgeous and coveted of all modern gold bullion coins. The world's best selling Gold coin in 1992, 1995, 1996, the Philharmonic is struck in 999.9 fine gold. The world famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is the inspiration for this coin. A harmonious design of musical instruments from the Orchestra adorn the reverse side of the coin. The great organ in the Golden Hall in Vienna's Musikverein is pictured on the obverse side of the coin. Also featured on this side are the the weight, fineness and year of issue. Face value is indicated in Austrian Schilling in mintings prior to December 31, 2001, and Euro afterwards.

1 oz Austria Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin 100 Euro

Weight:  31.103 grams (1 troy oz)
Fineness:  .9999 or 24 karats
Diameter: 37 mm
Fine Gold Content: 31.1033 grams (1 troy oz.)

1/2 oz Austria Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin 50 Euro

Weight:  15.551 grams (1/2 troy oz)
Fineness:  .9999 or 24 karats
Diameter: 28 mm
Fine Gold Content: 15.5516 grams (1/2 troy oz.)

1/4 oz Austria Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin 25 Euro

Weight:  7.776 grams (1/4 troy oz)
Fineness:  .9999 or 24 karats
Diameter: 22 mm
Fine Gold Content: 7.7758 grams (1/4 troy oz.)

1/10 oz Austria Philharmonic Gold Bullion Coin 10 Euro
Weight:  3.1103 grams (1/10 troy oz)
Fineness:  .9999 or 24 karats
Diameter: 16 mm
Fine Gold Content: 3.1103 grams (1/10 troy oz.)

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