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Gold Bullion Bars - Buying Gold Bars as Investments

The traditional way of owning gold prior to the advent of the bullion coin was in bar form. The gold reserves of all of the countries in the world are still in bar form, but in much larger weights and sizes. Although this is still a good way to acquire physical gold, it has been overshadowed by the bullion coin. The main advantage of gold bars over bullion coins is the lower premium they carry. Gold bars are available in a variety of weights and sizes, ranging from as little as one gram to 400 troy ounces (the size of the internationally traded London Good Delivery bar). Small bars are defined as those weighing 1000 grams or less. The most sought after sizes are the 1/4oz, 1/2oz, 1oz, 100 gram, 10oz and Kilo bar (1000 grams).  All of these bars are .9999 fine (99.9% pure). Although there are over 400 types of gold bars minted in 26 different countries I will concentrate on the most commonly traded varieties because of their desirability and market liquidity.

Gold Bullion Bars - Brands and Hallmarks

PAMP hallmarked bars currently dominate the gold bar market. However, RCM (Royal Canadian Mint) kilo gold bars are just as popular and readily available.

Other hallmarked gold bars include; Johnson Matthey, Engelhard, Metalor, and Umicore. Most U.S. precious metals investors recognize the names Johnson Matthey and Engelhard. Metalor and Umicore are equally recognized in Europe. Metalor is based in Switzerland; Umicore is headquartered in Belgium with operations throughout Europe. Another recognized hallmark for gold bars is Credit Suisse, the huge Swiss bank. Credit Suisse bars are manufactured by PAMP.

One-Ounce Gold Bars

The primary reason for buying one-ounce gold bars instead of one-ounce gold bullion coins is to buy "cheaper gold," i.e., gold with a smaller mark up over spot. At times, the difference in mark-ups between one-ounce gold coins and one-ounce gold bars can be $40 an ounce.

The most prevalent one-ounce gold bars are the PAMP Suisse, Credit Suisse, Johnson & Matthey, and Engelhard branded gold bars. which come twenty-five bars to a container. Each bar is individually encased; a container of twenty-five one ounce PAMP gold bars measures 7-1/2" X 4" X 2-1/4". By comparison, twenty-five one-ounce gold bullion coins in tubes would take up a space of approximately 3-1/4" X 1-1/2" X 1-1/2", less than one-fifth the space needed for twenty-five one-ounce gold bars in their factory case.

Ten-Ounce Gold Bars

The most prevalent ten-ounce gold bars are PAMP bars. Occasionally, other accepted hallmarks, such as Johnson Matthey or Engelhard or Metalor, gold bars show up. For now, though, PAMP 10-oz gold bars dominate the 10-oz gold bar market. Actually, right now PAMP gold bars of all sizes dominate the market, with the exception of the kilo gold bars. Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) kilo gold bars are usually available.

Ten-ounce gold bars are often bought by investors buying several hundred ounces. Investors buying less than one hundred ounces may want to buy 1-oz gold bars or 100-gram gold bars, both of which will offer greater flexibility when it comes time to liquidate.

Kilo Gold Bars

Kilo gold bars are .9999 fine (99.99% pure) and contain 32.15 troy ounces each. In the metric system, a "kilo" is short for kilogram, the base unit of mass in the International System of Units, commonly called the metric system. The metric system is the primary weight (and measurement) system used other parts of the world.

The most commonly available kilo gold bars are the PAMP and the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) gold bars. PAMP kilo gold bars come in protective plastic cases and usually with certificates. RCM bars do not come with either protective cases or certificates. Actually, the PAMP certificate is superfluous; the real "certificate" is the PAMP hallmark on their gold bars. The Royal Canadian Mint recognizes this and does not issue certificates.

100-Gram Gold Bars

The new 100-gram gold bars are rapidly gaining popularity in the gold investment community, primarily because for small pieces of gold (3.215 troy ounces) they carry really small premiums, just a few dollars over the premiums for kilo gold bars.

PAMP, the prestigious European precious metals refinery, produces the 100-gram gold bars.  PAMP also turns out kilo gold bars, 10-oz gold bars, and 1-oz gold bars. PAMP 100-gram gold bars come in shrink-wrapped sleeves of ten.

The Advantages of Buying Gold Bars

The main advantage gold bars offer investors over bullion coins is that gold bars trade at lower premiums over spot than the popular bullion coins, However the resale prices are lower as well. Investors looking to buy gold at the smallest markups over the spot price of gold should also consider old foreign gold coins such as the Austrian 100 Coronas, Mexican 50 Pesos or other fractional size European gold coins.  These are widely available and enjoy the same liquidity as gold bars and bullion coins.

Putting Gold Bars Into Your IRA's

One-ounce, Ten-ounce, kilo and 100-gram gold bars, are eligible to be put in IRAs that accept physical gold and silver products. To learn more about setting up a self-directed IRA that accepts gold and silver products, read Putting Gold and Silver into IRA's

Gold Bullion Coins and Bars  

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Bullion bars offer one of the easiest and least expensive ways to acquire gold. There are a vast array of  choices for obtaining gold ranging from U.S. produced to countries minting gold coins from around the world. Bullion bars enjoy a very liquid market and are the ideal way to acquire physical gold.

Bullion gold bars are available in a variety of weights from 1 oz, 10 oz, 100 grams as well as 1 kilo sizes. This makes them an ideal storehouse of value.

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